Architectural planning incorporates not only the design of your building, but its uses, functions, and users too.

Architectural Planning

Planning and Design


A typical Planning or Community Development Department will review your project for conformance to city General Plans and Specific plans, which look at allowable site uses, environmental impacts (such as noise, shading, traffic impact or pollution), density and other urban planning issues.

At the scale of the individual project site, this translates to possible lot line adjustments or lot mergers, response to natural or manmade existing site features (like slopes or easements), proposed building height limits, and side, front and rear yard setbacks.

Since these agencies are generally concerned with larger issues of urban density, scale and land use, and not with the finer points of Building Code compliance, we submit Schematic Design Documents, for Planning Review.

We prepare all necessary documents for the planning permission. They can ensure everything that is needed, is in order and ready to go when it’s time for submittal. We also look at local authority guidelines and statutory requirements to help with the process of getting your project approved.

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