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After the design process has wrapped up, our involvement in your project doesn’t have to end if you don’t want it to. Construction and contract administration is an important part of the building process, and having our experienced team on hand can be extremely helpful.

These services can benefit you in many ways, primarily by ensuring the building continues to conform to the vision first developed during the design stage. There is nothing more devastating than putting hours of effort into crafting the perfect building only to be faced with an end product that doesn’t resemble what you had in mind. With Kraai Design Architecture’s assistance, any inconsistencies will be caught before it’s too late.


After a building has made its way through the design process and a construction company has been chosen to put everything together, construction can finally begin. This is an exciting time, because it is the product of all the hard work done by those involved, but it’s also a time when supervision is essential to ensure everything goes according to plan.

As the architects involved in the design of your building, Kraai Design Architecture is perfectly situated to provide full time site representation. Under our watchful eye, the project can be completed on time, and to a high standard.

Construction Administration: Denver, Salt Lake City, Grand Junction

Once you have found the perfect construction company to see your building project through to the end, construction can finally begin. Even though the company you’re working with will have access to detailed schematics and renderings of the project, having someone overseeing the construction is still a good way to avoid any nasty surprises when all is said and done.

Kraai Design Architecture is a well-established, respected presence in Denver’s architecture industry, and has experience overseeing construction on a wide range of buildings across town. With years of experience under our belt, we are an excellent choice for your construction and contract administration needs.

Construction and Contract Administration Kraai Design Architecture


The project manager oversees the daily goings on of a project, handling everything from the budget to the scheduling. A skilled project manager, like those at Kraai Design Architecture, is an essential resource because they keep things on track, and ensure that everything is moving forward at the appropriate pace.

Our project managers serve as key figures in the construction process, providing oversight as a project unfolds. With a member of our team onboard as your project manager, you can be certain that your building will comply with all of the necessary codes, and that it will be completed on schedule and within your budget.